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The new style card game from Santo Nino Company Ltd. created and invented by Thai and, in the same time, represent the unique style of the card game.

This game is very creative and innovative to encourage card players to practice their logical thinking and strategy planning. Summoner Master is added to one of the existing indoor games such Chess, GO, Scrabble and crossword.

There are many various ways to play Summoner Master card game because the card player could create their own card deck which will show creative talent of each player.

Quest Master is the new style adventure board game.

The player takes adventure into the world of Quest Master by small models which represent various classes and play on Quest Master Board.

To get the adventure starts, throwing the dice to pick up number of panel taking. Each panel has its own activity. The player must try to collect the game items as much as possible and fight with the other players. The last longer player on the board is the winner!!!

This game is multiple players and it is possible to classify to “Party Game”. Family and friends could play this game together.

Mage Battle is another party game of Santo Nino. The player is acting as a Mage cast spell through card and compete with other players. The player needs to collect the stars or wands as much as possible and can change existing class to the highest position which have three types of class i.e. Necromancer, Wizard and Summoner.

Each class has its own ability and play by using only one card deck. The winner could be anyone who collects all the five types of wand and twenty stars. This game is able to play together with family or friends.

The matching mini-card game helps to improve memory. Each card contains lovely cartoon illustration. This game is not only help to improve memory but also good for collection purpose.

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