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Santo Nino Company Limited was established in year 2000 by the group of staff called “Phenomenon Party” under the leadership of Mr. Pornpol Rakboonyuang who is the President of the company.

We focus on producing edutainment games such as card game, board game, party game, etc etc. All games produced by us were all in high quality and stylish art with the purpose to develop graphic design skills of the youth who are art lovers!!

Summoner Master card game is the core product of the company. We always create new campaigns and promote all of our products to the public via many PR channels including Game Fairs and Exhibitions. Fortunately, we always get positive feed back from all Summoner Master's fans and increasing new fans tremendously!!

We are going have celebration for 5th Anniversary early 2006 with the hope that we can always develop our products to meet the highest satisfaction for all existing fans and many more to come!!

December 2000
•  The first launch of “Summoner Master” card game in the form of 4 preconstruction starter decks.
•  Launched the first preconstruction starter deck (booster), Dividing of 4 Kingdoms, to the public.

April 2001
•  The first Grand Tournament was held at Central Rama 3, XY Arena Zone.
•  Launched additional 3 new boosters i.e. Exigency, Secondary and 12 Valkyries to the public.
•  Summoner Master official website was first established under the name .

NOTE: Grand Tournament is the official Summoner Master card competition organized by Santo Nino with the purpose to find champions from all regions of Thailand .

April 2002
•  The second Grand Tournament was held at The Mall Ngamvongvarn, MCC Hall.
•  The first cosplay (Costume Playing) was arranged.
•  The first Grand Opening (GO) was organized.
•  Launched 3 new boosters i.e. Ekklesia, Dragonology and Merrisia 1st Impression
•  Cooperate with Nestle Thailand Company Limited to launch new card game “Summoner Master Arena”. Nestle is using this new game as a promotional item together with products of Nestle.

NOTE: Grand Opening (GO) was organized to meet the satisfaction of all Summoner Master fans for social activities and competition purpose.

April 2003
•  The third Grand Tournament was held at Central Rama 3, XY Arena.
•  Grand Opening 2nd, 3th and 4th were held at MBK Center , H.A.N.D. Zone.
•  Launched 2 new boosters i.e. Merrisia 2nd Impression and 4 Nagas.
•  Launched “Zodiac”, the new preconstruction starter series, together with 3 starter decks, “Scorpion”, “Pisces” and “Leo”.
•  Launched “Quest Master” - the adventure board game
•  Launched the first official monthly magazine of Santo Nino, “Wiser”, in June.

April 2004
•  The fourth Grand Tournament was held at Central World Plaza .
•  Grand Opening 5th and 6th was organized at MBK Center .
•  Launched 2 new boosters i.e. Neo Prophet and Devas.
•  Launched 2 new starters deck in the series of Zodiac i.e. Aquarius and Cancer.
•  “Mage Battle”, party card game, was introduced to the public.
•  The first Summoner Master Animation was shown in the 4 th Grand Tournament and Thailand Animation & Multimedia Fair.

April 2005
•  The fifth Grand Tournament was held at Imperial World Plaza .
•  The 7 th Grand Opening was organized at Central Rama 3, XY Arena.
•  Launched 4 new boosters i.e. Neo Prophet Extended, Dragonology 2, The Saint and Five Years Memory.
•  Merrisia Heritage, the new preconstruction starter series, was introduced to the public.
•  Corporate with Samart Info Media Company Limited to create Quest Master Game available for playing on the phone. Wallpaper Download Service is also available for mobile phone.
•  “L Memory”, matching card game, was introduced.

•  The 6 th Grand Tournament
•  Grand Opening 8th – 9th
•  Launch two new boosters i.e. The Saint 2 and The Saint 3
•  Launch Quest Master 2 Hydra's Island Version

Others, if any.


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