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Is this card game gambling? Some may have doubts, but once you look deeply into it, you will find out that the answer is no. Pornpol Rakboonyuang, the creator of Summoner Master trading card game said that card game is not to be used for gambling, yet any game can be used for gambling if people decide to bet money on it.

Trading card games are the newest style of games. Each card represents characters which players must take care and plan wisely how to use each card and its timing in order to win. You can't play these card games alone making it great for socializing and it is totally different from a console game.

Phenomenon Party is also giving a chance to youngsters who are good at drawing to sell their illustration to the company.


After 6-7 years this trading card game has made its place in Thailand , starting from Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh and other trading card game from the movie like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Trading card games are such a strategic game that you have to plan your own army to battle against your opponent. It requires strategic thinking and application.

Trading card games can be compared to other classic logic games such as Chess, Go, Backgammon, etc. but trading card games are for more complex than that. Trading card games always have some sort of novel, comic, movie or even sport to support the game.

Summoner Master is a Thai trading card game that appeared in the past 2 years. This Thai Trading card game has many strong points over many foreign card games. For example: the price is less expensive and the text on the cards is also in Thai, which is easier for Thai players to understand. Competitions are organized purposely to awaken the market. There are also “Judges” who are in charge of these competitions and for every match the winner gets a promotion card as an award.





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